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To celebrate our launch, we have built an intuitive website to guide you through the NxtPort services, events, business cases, and so on. On this page, you will find a short explanation of how you can use the website.

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Our mission

Unlocking the data potential in the Port Communities

NxtPort's main goal is to unlock the potential of sharing existing data amongst the port's players. The NxtPort Data Utility Platform will allow for faster, more cost-effective, as well as more efficient transfers of data between the different players. The platform will also allow for more transparency in the whole shipping process. NxtPort aims to increase operational efficiency, safety and revenue. A second means to unlock the huge value at stake is to allow for market applications to be built upon the existing data. This way, the data currently existing within the port will not only be shared in a better way, the combination of existing data will lead to innovative solutions as well. They will create new business and fresh revenue streams for the Port Community and its individual players.

What's new?

API Live

Import Consignment Data API

Re-use the information about the cargo digitally in your own software. Avoid retyping, human errors, wrong formats and misinterpretations. All information is available digitally, based on unique identifiers of the cargo.
API Live

Secure Container Release API

Together with T-Mining, NxtPort is improving security throughout the process of releasing a container by using blockchain technology. In the first phase of this project, a PIN code will be generated on an app. This way, the right to collect a container can be passed on more securely.
API Live


Container weight is useful info for a lot of partners in the chain. Instead of passing it on between each other, just call the API.

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Early Adopters

Early Adopter: CertiWeight

Since July 2016, it’s a legal obligation that every container has a Verified Gross Mass (VGM).  CertiWeight has two terminals where we weigh containers, one on the Left bank and one on the Right bank of the Port of Antwerp. They provide the Verified Gross Mass on their cloud platform, where the users – mainly carriers and forwarders – can buy and download the VGM-certificate. Now they collaborate with NxtPort on the VGM API to make this data available digitally. Frank Van Reybroeck, Managing Director at CertiWeight, explains why they made this decision.

Early Adopter: Pionira

One of the Early Adopters of NxtPort is Pionira. This collaboration has materialized very quickly, in the form of an API that allows users to input VGM's (Verified Gross Masses) in their e-CRM systems. Stefan Gevaert explains in more detail what this collaboration means for Pionira.

Early Adopter: Portchain

Portchain, the Danish startup with focus on the optimization of port call efficiency, is one of NxtPort's Early Adopters. According to Niels Kristiansen, CEO & Co-Founder of Portchain, it is no coincidence that both parties have found each other.

Early Adopter: Crossroad Consulting

Crossroad is a Mechelen-based consultancy company that has been closely involved with NxtPort from the start; in laying out the strategic framework as well as in the IT architecture of NxtPort’s data sharing platform. Managing Director Peter Van Laer confirms the durable partnership between NxtPort and Crossroad.

Early Adopter: Portmade

NxtPort is happy to announce an Early Adopter partnership with Portmade, the group of service providers in Logistics. Jef Hermans explains why Portmade has chosen to onboard with NxtPort.

Early Adopter: Logiqstar

Logiqstar, the software provider for logistic processes, is one of NxtPort's early adopters. Eric Robbeets explains why this is a logical move for his company.

Early Adopter: Nallian

Nallian is deeply involved with NxtPort on multiple fronts. Nallian provides the core Data Sharing Engine for NxtPort, which is the Shared Data OS that deals with the complexities of managing real-time exchanging, gathering, enriching, and distributing data within a multi-stakeholder environment. 

Early Adopter: Port+

Since 1905 and the days of signaling the arrival of ships by wireless telegraphy, Port+ has been the reliable, proactive, neutral business partner for companies serving ships and terminals in the port communities of Belgium and Zeeland. That is why they are a natural ally of NxtPort, which resulted in a first co-creation: the Portdirectory API.

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