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Request the weight of a container


Container weight is useful info for a lot of partners in the chain. Instead of passing it on between each other, just call the API.

Since the 1st of July 2016, the weight of every container loaded on board of a SOLAS ship must be verified. This can be officially determined via either actual weighing (placing the container on an officially calibrated scale) or via calculation (add the tarra weight of the container to the weight of the goods - this requires a permission).

This is useful info because several partners in the chain make use of it. The shipping agent needs to be provided with this information by the shipper, because he needs to balance the vessel. Afterwards, the shipping agent passes on the weight to the terminal, because he isn't allowed to board it otherwise. If he knows the weight upfront, he could use it to make smarter stacking decisions.

This first version, the VGM API lets you look up the VGM of a container from the moment it is available. In the next phase,the VGM API will also group tarra weight information and makes it accessible for all interested parties.

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What's in it for me?

Terminals & eCMR applications can get to know the weight of a container from the moment the information is available.

Cargo handlers can reuse this information in their own systems.

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