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Supply Chain Security, Reliability & Visibility

Business Case

Secure container release

Together with T-Mining, NxtPort is improving security throughout the process of releasing a container by using blockchain technology. In the first phase of this project, a PIN code will be generated on an app. In the next phases, this project will evolve into a state where there no longer is a need for a PIN code.
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Master data

Being a part of the supply chain involved in delivering goods overseas involves a lot of data sharing. In many cases, master data is used throughout multiple stages in the supply chain. NxtPort collects this master data and makes it available for everyone who is supposed to have access to these data.
Business Case

Track & Trace

To get an overview of what the status is of specific goods that are being transported is difficult nowadays. Information is scattered around the supply chain, which makes it hard to gather, let alone to implement it in your own systems. With this business case, NxtPort provides an easy solution.
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In order for a container to be released from a terminal, 3 'green lights' are required. One of those green lights is the confirmation of customs that the container can be released. NxtPort will provide a way to consult this status or to have this status pushed to you.
Business Case

Next mode of transport

NxtPort will provide data about what cargo will be transported with different modi (train, truck and barge) and when. This will improve the way terminals organize their stacks and reduce inefficiencies between terminals and hinterland transporters.