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The Port of Antwerp Community is very important to NxtPort and its ecosystem. Discover everything that's happening in this community here.

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Early Adopter: Logiqstar

Logiqstar, the software provider for logistic processes, is one of NxtPort's early adopters. Eric Robbeets explains why this is a logical move for his company.
Business Case

Secure container release

Together with T-Mining, NxtPort is improving security throughout the process of releasing a container by using blockchain technology. In the first phase of this project, a PIN code will be generated on an app. In the next phases, this project will evolve into a state where there no longer is a need for a PIN code.
Business Case

Track & Trace

To get an overview of what the status is of specific goods that are being transported is difficult nowadays. Information is scattered around the supply chain, which makes it hard to gather, let alone to implement it in your own systems. With this business case, NxtPort provides an easy solution.
API Live

Portdirectory API

Port+ maintains a detailed list of contacts of companies that are active in the Belgian and Zeeland ports. An online portal makes this information available to the public. Now the NxtPort platform is offering an API that allows the same information to be consulted from applications as well.