Digitization Stream

Container Barge Haulage

Container Barge Haulage – Digitization Stream

Welcome to the NxtPort solution for the digitization problems of the barge community in Antwerp.


On this page you find:

- The  document with the agreed scope and solution design of the use cases

- The technical documentation with which you can start your technical integration. These are swagger files which contain the definition of the NMoT API with which the NMoT information can be send to NxtPort, and the definition of the transport status messages format in which the green lights information will be communicated.


The NMoT API is to be called by the application sending in the NMoT, the green lights information is returned via a pre-defined channel which is set up between you application and NxtPort.


For more information we invite you to send your questions or remarks individually to Wim Vancuyck , with CC to Erwin Hoefkens 




swagger file

Next Mode of Transport


swagger file 

 Green lights