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Breakbulk orders, built together

The Bulkchain initiative was launched on request by the breakbulk community in order to digitise the existing administrative collaborative processes.

By sharing data about import, export, storage and CFS processes, the different stakeholders can interact with each other with secured and organised guidelines.
This allows them to jointly build-up orders, track the status of commercial and custom releases or be notified when critical information is missing to meet closings or deadlines.

Co-created solution

The Bulkchain project facilitates the collaboration between all involved stakeholders with an agile approach, allowing a faster go-to-market and a more transparant solution.

NxtPort as data hub

NxtPort creates different APIs and data streams, allowing software developers to adapt existing or new applications with up to date information from all stakeholders.

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Send your feedback


NxtPort and Port+, invited the Breakbulk community for two co-envisions in June 2018. During these sessions the [renewal of the] commitment to support the Bulkchain project has been given by +30 companies and Customs.

By following the Agile project approach, a core team existing of NxtPort and members from these companies will start with the functional analysis of the application`

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