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Next mode of transport

NxtPort will provide data about what cargo will be transported with different modi (train, truck and barge) and when. This will improve the way terminals organize their stacks and reduce inefficiencies between terminals and hinterland transporters.
The logistics of unloading cargo from ships and passing it on to the hinterland transporters are very complex. At the moment the cargo is unloaded from the ship, there is a lot of uncertainty about different aspects of the next steps in the logistic chain. NxtPort will extract data from the transport instructions and make it available to the terminals even before the ship has arrived. For example, data about the different carriers, their share of cargo on board and the transport instructions could be shared, making it easier for the terminals to optimize their decision making: cargo that will be transported by truck can be placed close to the pick-up point for truckers, containers that will be picked up soon can be placed higher in the stacks than the containers that will stay on the premise for some weeks, and so on. Obviously, this reduces operational costs for terminals significantly.


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