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Compared to the container world, there has been little investment in Antwerp in the digitisation of the Breakbulk activities in recent years. Most players in the Supply Chain have improved their own operational handling and (internal) flows of information. However, the communications between the different stakeholders (most particularly Forwarders, Liner Agents, Terminals & Customs) is mainly set up through paper documents, e-mails and PDF exchange. Standardisation through EDI interfaces or even online portals are only used by a small number of players. 

NxtPort and Port+, invited the Breakbulk community for two co-envisions in June 2018. During these sessions the [renewal of the] commitment to support the Bulkchain project has been given by +30 companies and Customs. By following the Agile project approach, a core team existing of NxtPort and members from these companies will start with the functional analysis of the application. The aim is to create stable and functional subsets of the application in the coming months, following the NxtPort Golden Principles. 


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Posted by #teamBulkchain, June 14th, 2018


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