Bulkchain, the digital Breakbulk solutions





The Antwerp Breakbulk Community Project




A project for the community, by the community

NxtPort and Port+, invited the Breakbulk community for two co-envisions in June 2018. During these sessions the [renewal of the] commitment to support the Bulkchain project has been given by +30 companies and Customs.

By following the Agile project approach, a core team existing of NxtPort and members from these companies will start with the functional analysis of the application



Agile development

Bulkchain will follow an "agile project approach". This means that instead of hiding behind computer screens for 2 years and develop what we think would fit the needs, we actively build-up the application with the community.

With monthly "sprints" and feedback loops, we strive to bring small parts of the solution bit by bit, focussing on added value for active stakeholders, stable (yet quick) deliverables and proactive (re)design.

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NxtPort golden principles by design

Bulkchain will be fully supported by the NxtPort platform. This means:

  • By the community, for the community
  • Data providers remain owner of their data and share them only with companies they trust
  • Data is stored, handled and accessed 100% secured & compliant with all security & privacy standards




While NxtPort is in the lead of this interesting project, we are not alone. Port+ is one of our partners and more will join in the coming weeks. Do you want to join? Let us know!




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