Data Access Management


Direct Access API's & Access Controlled API's

In essence, there are two different methods we use to manage data access: 'Direct access API's' and 'Access controlled API's'. For each API, we use one of those methods.

Direct Access

Direct Access APIs

Direct Access API's are relatively simple API's which do not require data sharing. Registering for these API's is easy and fast. Once you have registered yourself, all you need to do is subscribe to one of the API's that you find in the Market and you are good to go. The API Manager (APIM) will generate an API key that grants you access to the available data in the API. 

Access Control

Access Controlled APIs

Access Controlled API's are only available after you have been granted access to them. Registered users can subscribe to this API. The status of their subscription will then be 'pending' until the data provider has confirmed that this user is allowed to use the data that is available in the API.

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