Data Sharing


Sharing your data

We are very happy to hear you want to enable your data on the NxtPort platform! Here you will find some information about how we can help you get your data in the community in a controlled way.


* We support everyone who wants to share their data with the community. This means we will make it easy for you to deliver your data, no matter what type of connection or format you use. 


* You are always in control of who you share your data with. We support various sharing principles, depending on the use cases you participate in.

* We provide a full audit trail: who accesses your data, what data they accessed, via which API,...


* Sharing your data enables your customers and their partners to optimize their processes. When your data is available on the NxtPort platform, this gives you a competitive advantage. 

* Making your data available could lower your effort in distributing and communicating your data.


If you want to start sharing your data, just Contact us and we'll guide you through it!

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